Accountant by day.  Artist by night.  Split in the middle between right brain and left brain, I am a walking contradiction.  I love the structure of numbers, yet I love being a creative. I am old-fashioned for some things, yet modern and independent for others.  I see things in black and white (as well as shades of gray, RGB and CMYK.) I am a traveling homebody.  I love to go on trips, yet can’t imagine being away from home for more than a week.  As a tattooed conservative, I love the idea of self-expression as long as I can cover it up for my next business meeting!  I am American by birth, by way of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents.  This fantastic (yet stereotypically ironic) mix gives me the perfect balance of everything I love about my culture, my family and my life. The inspiration and motivation to work on my own ideas comes from my passion for music and art.  I listen to everything from hip hop to doo-wop and admire everything from colorful abstract painting to black and white photography, with some scrapbooking thrown in for fun.   For the love of Elvis, I got married in an art museum!  From crunching numbers to creating artwork, I enjoy doing it all and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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